How much does the show cost? We offer 3 value-packed party experiences to fit any budget. We also include several add-on features like balloon animals that can be included for an additional fee. All of our prices are listed with the services. No hidden travel fees or taxes to calculate. 

Do you use live animals in your show? Houdini the Hamster is alive and will make a couple appearances in the show. After the show, Houdini will pose for pictures and may roll around the party room in his hamster ball. Due to his fragile nature, we do not allow kids to hold Houdini. 

Can we take photos/video of the show? Snap all the photos you want! Post them on social media and tag me in them. Please only video "parts" of the show, not the entire show.

Is the show clean and age appropriate? The Amazing Magic Show is a "G" Rated experience that the entire family will enjoy. I will have you and your family rolling in the floor laughing with my 100% clean comedy. 

Do you need a table or electricity? The show is completely self contained to make this the easiest party you have ever planned and my sound system is compact and battery operated to prevent unsightly cords from becoming a tripping hazard. The only thing you need to do is provide the venue.

How much space do you need? I've intentionally designed The Amazing Magic Show to be flexible so that it can play in any room. We can set up in your family room, den, community center, or banquet hall. The “stage” area should be at least 6’ wide and 4’ deep. 

Need a Venue? Consider hosting The Amazing Magic Show at The Muse Knoxville.

Can you perform outside? From my many years of experience, I have learned that elements like wind, rain, dirt/mud, extreme heat and cold all severely detract from the quality of the magic show and the kids’ ability to fully enjoy it. Furthermore, extreme temperatures can be tough on Houdini. For these reasons, I prefer not to perform outside. 

Can we serve kids food, drinks, or snacks during your show? I  highly recommend you wait to serve refreshments until after the show or arrange to serve them before The Amazing Magic Show. The serving of food, eating, and clean up involved with refreshments will take away from the magic show experience. Also The Amazing Magic Show is very interactive and will be less enjoyable if the kids' hands are occupied. Not to mention, it could get pretty messy. 

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