This is not another anti-bullying program. This program is pro-kindness! We have flipped the narrative. Instead of telling kids what not to do, we are inspiring kids to practice kindness. Based on the best selling book, "Have you Filled a Bucket Today?", this 45 minute assembly program is designed to celebrate diversity and get your students thinking about what they can do to brighten someone else's day.

The learning doesn't end with the assembly. Every child will be challenged to participate in the Kindness is Magic Project. They'll each take home a magic wand with instructions to spread kindness among their classmates, families, and community.

Your students will learn:

  • Kindness is Magic! We all have the power to make someone’s day better or worse with our words and actions.
  • Discover your magic! We will learn that everyone is different and special in their own way. It's our unique characteristics that make us who we are.
  •  Spread the magic! We are better when we work together. Even though we are all different, doesn’t make one person better than another. We can all use our unique gifts and talents to brighten someone else’s day. 

When you host this program, you get:

  • The 45 minute character-building program at your school
  • The Kindness is Magic Project wands/cards for every student (250 included; if you need more, they cost $6 for a pack of 12.)
  • Parent letter template that you can customize and send home with every child letting parents know all about what their child learned in the program.
  •  Teacher Classroom Guide with activities and discussion questions to continue the conversation in the classroom.
  • A Couple Promotional Posters to put up around the school to build excitement for the show.
  • Video Commercial that can be used during morning announcements and put on social media to inform parents about the upcoming program.
  • Clip-art file with coloring sheets, show logos, and images that may be used in school publications.